Welcome to The Re-Slayer's Take!

Posted 26 days ago

Follow the audio escapades of the second-coolest monster hunters this side of Exandria: The Re-Slayer’s Take!

What is The Re-Slayer’s Take? What even is The Slayer’s Take?

There are many stories yet to be told within the world of Exandria…

Join us in our new audio adventure, The Re-Slayer’s Take, as we follow the next generation of Slayer’s Take hopefuls in their attempt to earn entry into that legendary monster hunting guild. 

 You don’t need to be a longtime Critter (or fan of role-playing games in general) to follow along in this series! Our expert gamemasters, George Primavera and Nick Williams, are here to guide listeners as they enter the wild continent of Issylra, home to some of the most dangerous creatures. Here, The Slayer’s Take is known for being the most impressive monster hunting group in the realm. They are a force to be reckoned with and have slain many ferocious, mythic beasts.  

That’s why few people believe the rumors WHEN THESE ONCE-DEAD CREATURES START RETURNING FROM THE GRAVE!  But when The Slayer’s Take chooses to ignore these claims, it’s up to six rejected, misfit mercenaries to band together and RE-slay these supernatural threats as The RE-Slayer’s Take!

Follow along as our heroes Idrin, Farah, Heera, Frog, Timpani, and Poogs battle this growing  undead army of dangerous creatures. 

(If you want to learn more about The Slayer’s Take just for fun, there is so much incredible lore surrounding this famous crew as they were a very prominent part of the Vox Machina campaign and are even featured heavily in our animated show on Amazon Prime, The Legend of Vox Machina.)

What you need to know about The Re-Slayer’s Take podcast!

You can listen to new episodes of The Re-Slayer’s Take every Monday anywhere you stream podcasts! 

However, Beacon members can listen to this audio adventure two weeks early and uninterrupted by ads

This podcast is extra special because it is an all-ages actual play AND is carefully edited into bite-size episodes. This means it’s not a typical 4 hour episode that we have on Critical Role making it a fresh new style of adventures for long-time Critters, or a perfect first dip into the world of Exandria!

Episode 1 is currently available on all podcast platforms and Episodes 1-3 are available on Beacon!

Who are these brave members of The Re-Slayer’s Take?

Our all star cast of adventurers is a huge part of what makes this story so great!

We have incredible guests like the wonderful Christian Navarro, our one and only Sam Riegel, and the insanely talented Dominic Monaghan! And of course, we have our heroic members of The Re-Slayer’s Take crew!

George Primavera

Character: Our Mighty Gamemaster and the character Poogs

George Primavera is a voice actor, writer, and performer based in Los Angeles. He was formerly the Host and Writer of the popular D&D-themed TikTok channel TableTips, and hails from a Musical Theater background in New York City. George has been the “forever-DM” of his group of talented friends for more than 10 years now, who have given him the opportunity to fall in love with the TTRPG experience over and over again.

George is also a member of Hero Club and played a pivotal role in the production style of the show.

Nick Williams

Character: Our Mighty Gamemaster and the character Timpani Guff

Nick Williams is an LA-born writer, actor, and comedian. He’s appeared in several movies and TV Shows including Meg Ryan’s Ithaca, and Enough Said, as well as being a member of the successful sketch comedy group, Sasquatch. His tabletop journey has taken him on the long road from playing exclusively Strong Dumbs, to occasionally playing Half-Casters.

Nick is also a member of Hero Club and played a pivotal role in the production style of the show.

Jasmine Bhullar

Character: Heera Agneheart Jasmine "ThatBronzeGirl" Bhullar is a performer, writer and content creator on Twitch and YouTube. She is the DM behind Dimension 20's Coffin Run, DesiQuest, Battle 4 Beyond and she plays Certainty Dran on Acquisitions Incorporated!

Jasper William Cartwright

Character: Idrin Shadowstep

Jasper William Cartwright is an actor and producer across multiple mediums including TV, Film, Podcast & Video Games. He is starring in leading roles in multiple upcoming animated features and TV series, while featuring in video games like, playing the role of Prince Sevn in Dragons Dogma 2, Errol War Groove 2 & others to be released. Since founding and hosting the award-winning 3 Black Halflings podcast, Jasper has established himself as a key figure in the TTRPG scene and has subsequently guested on countless Actual Play shows including performing as Thorn Vale on Dimension 20 & taking over as the GM of the Rotating Heroes Podcast with Zack Oyama.

Jasmine Chiong

Character: Farah Vallari

Jasmine Chiong is a writer and beverage goblin from the Bay Area. Her credits include Hulu's FUTURE MAN and Netflix's KUNG FU PANDA: THE DRAGON KNIGHT. She's also voiced player characters and NPCs on several seasons of the D&D podcast HERO CLUB. When she's not writing or sending d20s to dice jail, you can find her playing video games, singing to her dogs, or convincing herself she doesn't need more books.

Caroline Lux

Character: Frog

Caroline Lux (she/they) is a veggie-powered actor, improviser, and puppeteer living in the NYC area. You can find her performing for kids all around the city and tri-state area with the Story Pirates and other children's theater companies. You might also hear her vocal stylings on the Hero Club Podcast and a few episodes of the Story Pirates Podcast as a baby chef, an alien hero, and more! She is so excited to join the Re-Slayer's Take team - playing D&D with a focus on all audiences is truly a dream come true!

We hope you enjoy this new Exandrian adventure and welcome to The Re-Slayer’s Take!

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